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Razorcoin is a creative I.T. consultancy specializing in developing unique business tools built around the core drivers of SECURITY. SPEED. FREEDOM.

As the commercial arm of the Razormind Network of enterprises we take to market applications of the disruptive payment and financial technologies that they create.

Razorcoin creates unique enterprise software driven by blockchain code, a disruptive technology changing the way business is conducted. Designed to allow for faster, more secure and inexpensive exchanges of information between individuals without the need for intermediaries, blockchain-powered software is changing the way we share information. Financial data including currency can now be securely and cheaply exchanged between individuals without the need for a bank or Money Transfer Operator. Individuals and businesses can create their own digital currencies and other asset classes to diversity their portfolios and use them through numerous applications in the rapidly growing digital economy. Sensitive information can now be encrypted and exchanged as easily as one might send an email. Data can now be stored, sorted and managed across a decentralised network for auditing purposes. The applications for blockchain products are limitless, its key attributes allowing for Security. Speed. Freedom. For both individuals and business.

Please take time to explore the site where you can learn more about the Razorcoin team and what we do, read our commentary and analysis of recent digital currency developments and how they effect business at our Blog, read white papers and case studies on our Clients and Partners or ask a member of our team a question at Razorcoin Q&A.

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