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Razorcoin is a creative I.T. consultancy specialising in the design of unique tools necessary to meet the changing needs of business.

Razorcoin creates unique enterprise software driven by blockchain code, the foundation of Bitcoin. Our products focus on eliminating waste, driving employee engagement, reducing operational costs & speeding the flow of information while making it more secure.

Please take time to explore the site where you can learn more about the Razorcoin team and what we do, read our commentary and analysis of recent digital currency developments and how they effect business at our Blog, read Testimonials from our delighted customers, ask a member of our team a question at Razorcoin Q&A and browse our portfolio of products and services.

Our development officer was easy to deal with and her help was really appreciated. The assistance and support we received was excellent.

Mark Slattery - Estate Group Holdings Inc

It helped us dramatically. Now I can see exactly what is happening in our business.

Jessica Beale - Deloitte

The developers at RazorCoin are amazing! I've really been wanting to up-the-ante with our web presence and this gives us exactly what we need.

John Montague - Glaxo


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