Welcome to RazorCoin, we create Digital Currencies.

Our development officer was easy to deal with and her help was really appreciated. The assistance and support we received was excellent.

Mark Slattery - Estate Group Holdings Inc

It helped us dramatically. Now I can see exactly what is happening in our business.

Jessica Beale - Deloitte

The developers at RazorCoin are amazing! I've really been wanting to up-the-ante with our web presence and this gives us exactly what we need.

John Montague - Glaxo

04/08/2014 - Monday Morning in Manchester

Gosh, we’re doing this every day now. Razorcoin technology is now serving hundreds of clients. I’m quite proud of that, and a bit relieved, it is nice to know that people are enjoying working with us, and recommend us to others. Our currencies solve a lot of problems for them, are lawful, and give them a competitive edge in gaining market share, and increasing spend per individual – while actually growing their customer satisfaction. A lot of that isn’t just the digital currency tech, but rather the analytics Razorcoin provides as part of the package. Money is your medium of engagement with clients, they should look forward to spending it with you, and thankfully we’re able to provide that safely and speedily. Okay, I need Coffee, so I’ll see you guys later today! Jawad Yaqub,  04/08/2014